What is Oshinstar

Oshinstar is an international and wide ecosystem that interconnects artists, entertainment professionals, and fans to create a decentralized future.

Oshinstar is an ecosystem in constant expansion

Oshinstar enables all participants in the arts, performance and entertainment related industry to connect, interact, build reputation and establish professional networks without the interference of third parties.

Oshinstar aims to eliminate the cost of intermediaries and increase the number of hidden talents that can be discovered as emerging artists.

The platform offers a safe, transparent, intuitive and completely free space.

Companies, professionals and amateurs can easily find and contract, through an advanced search system, talents, artists and companies from different entertainment sectors with certain specific characteristics at any time and anywhere in the world.

The platform also has a system for creating and searching for projects and events related to the world of entertainment, a membership system, a system for direct sale of exclusive content, and a system for tokenization and sale of NFTs.

NFTs are tradable digital objects stored in Blockchain technology, through which all users who have this functionality activated, can convert their video, track, image or any digital media into unique digital assets and later sell it on the Oshinstar Marketplace.

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