Decentralized data brokerage

The Problem: Value of Data

At present, data brokers or companies that are in charge of collecting the data of all their users and then selling them, generate a market that moves more than 200 billion dollars annually, a monstrous amount of money that is exchanged at a time. Totally unfair and not transparent.

Since the users who are precisely the ones who generate that information are not rewarded in any way for all the data that these companies collect, whether it is personal information, interests, contacts or habits of use within certain applications.

All this information is collected and sold without giving a single penny, in exchange it is more in many cases they can even be harmed from this sale of personal data since these are usually filtered very easily therefore if people do not pay for a product they automatically become that product.

Nowadays social networks have become machines capable of censoring freedom of expression and totally invading privacy, this is mainly done on social platforms.

Large centralized technology companies receive billions of dollars to share personal data and to show advertisements to users in a targeted and focused way, which they manage to achieve based on, of course, the personal information of users who are not compensated in any way.

The solution

Oshinstar comes to change this business since the collection of user information is part of the business model of many social platforms. But instead within Oshinstar this is totally voluntary, transparent and beneficial.

Thanks to blockchain technology users can share the economic benefits generated by this business through the use of the application, which means that users can earn money with their own personal data.

Oshinstar enables users to take control of the data they generate and earn rewards for sharing it, creating the first responsible data economy.

Organizations will be able to use Oshinstar to make data requests between members of the platform using advanced filters (the only platform available today that provides such precision in the creation of audiences).

Users, not data brokers, would sell their data by using smart contracts, which execute transactions between anonymous parties, users could sell their data without revealing their identity, just broad demographic information.

This information will be encrypted and will be totally private within the platform where users are the ones who can choose with whom they want to share it completely voluntarily and at the same time they benefit from that.

All of this is possible thanks to recent advances in decentralized storage, digital currencies, and smart contracts, which allow us to create a decentralized platform and securely store consumer data.

For this reason, Oshinstar will use the Oasis Network blockchain which can Tokenize Data, and drive the next generation of applications that prioritize privacy without the participation of third parties.

A unique combination of blockchain and Security enables data exchange and payment to be enforced between the provider and the data requester without the involvement of third parties.

Oasis Network allows: Maintaining a blockchain that makes the exchange transparent, keeping the data truly secure until a deal is made and paid.

We believe that by allowing participants to benefit from their participation, organizations will get data that is both more accurate, relevant and more actionable as a result.

At the same time, the profits currently made by data brokers will instead go to the rightful owners of the data, the consumers.

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