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Entertainment industry issues; Challenges to face

Oshinstar is aware of some of the challenges that a talent, artist and/or professional related to the entertainment industry currently faces:

  • Community segregation in different social apps: Talents and Artists do not have an integrated platform that helps them to show themselves in a detailed and professional manner according to the skills that each one has. Using multiple social apps makes it difficult for artists to focus on their creativity or skills. This segregation turns out to be a huge financial, time and creativity cost.

  • Manual search: Currently, the online search for artists, professionals and other entertainment providers is done manually, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other large social actors, which do not provide any specific tools and the search requires a lot of time, money and results to be ineffective.

  • Difficulty to have exposure in the entertainment industry: Most of the unknown or emerging artists are constantly looking for the most cost-effective way to create awareness in the industry, especially in the entertainment industry. In addition, there are also quite a few barriers and lack of connections that severely limit emerging artists.

  • High brokerage fees and more: Middlemen in the entertainment industry still persist.

A study shows, for example, that in the world of music, artists obtain on average only 12% of the total income generated; The same goes for other related and unrelated industries as well, such as modeling, dancing, music, etc.

  • Connect with top talent: There is a high probability that the search does not meet your requirements and that both the best-in-class artists and professionals and the searcher are missing out on opportunities.

  • Digital content created by artists is not properly valued: In currently available social networks, quality digital content created by artists is not properly valued, because it is submerged by a wave of non-quality content, which ultimately limits the performance of industry professionals.

  • Revenue opportunities too centralized: The recent outbreak of censorship on major social networks has exposed major flaws with this centralized system, allowing an irresponsible authority to have too much control over users' livelihoods and income opportunity.

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