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Phase 1

Before officially launching the final version, we will launch Oshinstar in the Beta version (called Phase 1), available for Android and IOS.
This version will be available in Q1’22, where the first users will be able to test the platform and begin to interact with each other, publish digital assets, publish NFTs, create memberships and much more.
This exclusivity helps first-time users to get involved in the early stages, thus obtaining the privilege of earning the platform's native tokens through an Airdrop or purchasing it at a pre-sale price.
This will allow artists, creators and companies to start generating rumors about the platform and thus be able to transmit their experience.
During this phase, we will develop blockchain environments and refine the entire platform in parallel to give it greater scalability and security, this type of approach will provide a faster launch date for the platform and faster communication tests between environments throughout the development process.
This phase will be divided into several MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) of releases with additional services in each version.


Phase 1 key steps for the non-blockchain environment included:
  • Development of UI / UX design of the entire platform
  • Back-end and front-end development
  • Development of internal databases and communication between them
  • Development of off-chain data storage and its communication with the platform
  • Development of communication between the platform and the external environment (bank accounts, wallets, etc.)
  • Multiplatform: Mobile

Q1-Q2 2022

The key steps of Phase 2 for the non-blockchain environment include:
  • Refining the entire platform with all the existing functionalities
  • Platform scaling
  • Multiplatform web (Desktop and Mobile)
Phase 2 key steps for the blockchain environment will include:
  • Node deployment
  • Platform smart contract development
  • Token development on the private side of the chain
  • Development of Oracle nodes for communication with the external environment. (bank accounts)
  • Development of inter-blockchain communication

Q3-Q4 2022

Platform expansion, full product launch. This stage includes the development of the following services:
  • Development of the events section
  • Development of the Hearing section
  • Development of the groups section in the chat
  • Expansion of functionalities in the profiles of individual and Business accounts
  • Development of the Ads System section
  • Development of the Video Call section
  • Development of the Live Stream section
  • Toolkit for companies and developers
  • Migration of all content from to blockchain

The process of scaling the platform will also include the improvement of:

  • Additional point solution partner integration
  • Establishment of business intelligence
  • International markets