Business Model

Oshinstar's business model has been going through several stages and the completion of which will allow us to establish a global and interactive connection platform for users to find, create, experiment and exchange their professional information and digital creations in order to promote their skills and expertises, well-known artists as well as emerging to the next stage of his career.

Oshinstar is more than a platform that allows creating direct connections within the community, companies and artists. It is a place where users can offer the participants an unlimited range of options.

The Oshinstar platform will generate revenues from the following activities:

  • Purchases and Sales transaction within the platform: All sales of all digital assets, products, services including events that will take place through OshinStar Marketplace will be processed through the native token $OSH and a net commission will be withheld by OshinStar platform.

  • Purchase of Invitation Packages: During the (free) creation phase of castings, projects, auditions or events, users will have the possibility to invite artists or companies using audiences created through powerful advanced filters. All users who want to speed up the search will be sent email, push notifications, sms etc with a cost that depends on the number of invitations. The corresponding sum will be processed through the native token $ OSH.

  • Subscriptions: Subscriptions will allow fans to receive additional benefits from artists, talents or companies, the exact features of the benefits will depend on the wide range of functionality that Oshinstar offers. The payment of these recurring subscriptions will take place through the native token $ OSH and a net commission will be withheld by the platform.

  • Advertising: Oshinstar will provide the ability to place advertisements to businesses, artists and all professionals to extend the brand awareness, run campaigns, promote their products or services and expand the sales and success of each user. $OSH Tokens are used for the ads payments.

  • Consulting services: Oshinstar will help artists, talents and companies to establish their presence in the marketplace by hosting and providing specific support with unique functionalities for an effective online presence.

Financial Projections

  • We have based our financial estimates on multiple cases across social media platforms and a variety of software companies as well as a combination of business data analytics.

  • Based on our assumptions by December 2025 we estimate that OshinStar Platform has prox. 27 million active users and by 2029 approx. 107 million, with 2022-2029 CAGR% of 84%.

According with our projections we estimate to be loss making up to 2023 and cash generating from 2024 onwards:

  • Revenues are forecast nil in 2022 and 2023.

  • From 2024 onwards revenue reach c$0.08bn and by 2029 are estimated c$2.9bn with a 2024-2029 CAGR% of 100%.

  • Cash balance is forecast to reach $4.7bn by 2029.

  • The business plan assumes penetration first the US market, then Latin America with EU and Asia to follow by the end of 2024.

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