Decentralized Marketplace

The Oshinstar Marketplace was developed within the Solana blockchain and is powered by the OshinCoin ($OSH) token.

All payments will be processed quickly and transparently with the use of the native token. This solution enables a direct connection between buyer and seller, reducing fees and increasing transaction speed.

Within the Oshinstar Marketplace, users will be able to buy, collect and sell exclusive and limited edition digital content safely, easily proposing their own world which could not be properly monetized or valued until now.

Currently available social networks, digital content created by artists is not adequately valued, being available and accessible to the entire public.

Oshinstar aims to generate value from digital content by creating an exclusive environment, in a platform accessible to all where users can choose whether to show their content for free or maintain a more exclusive and limited one.

Oshinstar comprises the following main sales channels:

  1. Monitize your creations;

  2. Subscriptions;

  3. NFTs (“Non-fungible tokens”)

  4. Donations

Artists, Stars, Influencers, and prominent personalities currently monetizing through the use of traditional social media, now they will be able to have a new business opportunity and sell exclusive digital content, memberships, and NFTs through the platform.

In the case of NFTs commissions will be distributed as follows:

  • In the minting phase it will be borne by the creator

  • in the sale phase it will be borne by the buyer of the NFT.

In addition, creators will have the opportunity to receive a royalty for each future sale of their digital content.

Exclusive Content

Users with a Pro account within Oshinstar can generate or increase the income through the premium content.

Oshinstar allows the distribution and sale of original content such as:

  • Video, Photos, Tracks (music, audio, etc.)

  • Collection of Videos, Photos and tracks


Users can also generate income with recurring monthly subscriptions by sharing video, photos, tracks, private messages, live broadcasts and many more benefits exclusively for subscribers only.


NFT is an acronym for “Non-fungible token”, which refers to a digital asset that is not replicable or replaceable thanks to its individuality.

Publishing multimedia content / NFT is a simple process that does not require knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Oshinstar aims to act as a bridge between buyers and those who want to create NFT but have little knowledge in the area.

Through blockchain technology, it is possible to demonstrate exclusive ownership of all unique non-fungible assets, such that when digital assets are uploaded onto the blockchain, the authenticity and unique ownership of each asset and NFT can be demonstrated as a result of the structure of the blockchain and whose ledger is based on decentralization, immutability and verifiability.

The technology behind Oshinstar allows anyone to create and sell their own NFTs. Creators, Artists, VIPs, Influencers and HNWI will have the opportunity to sell completely exclusive content such as: Video, Photos, Tracks (music, audio, etc.)

Each NFT created by an artist, singer, musician, etc, is registered (tokenized) in the blockchain, which makes each piece of content unique, so that it can be owned and exchanged both privately, among users who directly use their wallets, such as publicly, among users and the public through a marketplace and a bidding system.

But there is more: in addition to selling, creators have the opportunity to receive royalties from future sales, they can be rented freely to delegate property rights to another person or company.

Thanks to the sheltered wallet, users will not have to undergo complex procedures (such as other existing platforms) to buy and sell their work.

For more advanced users, Oshisntar supports all the services offered by decentralized environments.


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