Advertisement System

The problem

Social networks and other applications analyze behavior, tastes, habits and thousands of other things with the sole purpose of showing advertisements with a higher probability of click or purchase. We all use these applications on a daily basis and they also monitor us on a daily basis, this in most of the time invades our privacy and information can become available with no return to the real owner of the data.

The solution

Oshinstar will provide the ability to place ads to companies and artists to advertise their brand, run campaigns, promote their products or services and thus expand their own success by effectively promoting the growth of their audience and obtaining more exposure in the profile or on any digital assets, events and projects you want to promote.

Oshinstar considers creating a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace for advertising profiles, products or services by providing greater transparency, less scam and reduced drastically costs for all participants and the entire entertainment ecosystem.

Oshinstar runs on the Solana Blockchain and uses $ OSH Tokens for ad payments. A percentage of the fees collected from payment processing are distributed among the visitors of the ads.

Main advantages of the Oshinstar ad system

  • Elimination of intermediaries.

  • Lower rates up to 90%.

  • No barriers to entry. Especially important for artists and emerging artists.

  • Ability to create specific audience thanks to the use of a powerful advanced filter.

  • Equal access to data to create segmentation.

  • Market structure that makes fraud extremely difficult.

  • Resistance to ad blockers.

  • Distribution of tokens to all token holders and users who look at the advertising.

  • Ability to create and run on smartphones

  • Share and win: User A can offer User B any amount of tokens for each click received to have shared their post. Each on-chain token $OSH transaction establishes a direct peer-to-peer relationship between the sharing user and the talent, artist, or company through a smart contract.

  • Without ad fraud, only valid views are sent to the blockchain that cannot be interfered with. Using artificial intelligence, Oshinstar can very confidently determine whether a robot or human is viewing an ad or content based on viewer behavior, in real time. So advertisers will only pay for valid views or clicks since ad fraud is detected and eliminated immediately.

Proof of View system (POV)

Oshinstar has come up with a Proof of View system (POV) which bypasses the multiple methods that scam users can try to manipulate view counts and audience metrics.

The content view evaluation phase provides multiple metrics that are collected while the content is viewed.

During this phase where the view is scored, statistics are fed into our proprietary AI to issue a final score.

Oshinstar technology uses advanced methods to ensure that only eyesight verified views are counted. The views that are verified are added to a publicly accessible database containing anonymous data and recorded on the blockchain.

POV target market is brands and backers whose ads are being misused by scammers. PoV is not integrated into nor is it part of the rewards system. The reward system targets users to increase participation. POV targets brands to reduce fraud.

Because the sight test has multiple use cases and works for different types of digital fraud, we apply it to NFTs together with other sophisticated checks.

Since Oshinstar owns a Marketplace and major companies and artists are looking to NFT as a new monetization method, Oshinstar is developing the industry standard for authenticating the property chain and validating it on the blockchain.

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