Features and Protocol

Introduction to Oshinstar

Oshinstar is a decentralized platform that focuses on creating tools for entertainment users of all levels, providing extreme ease in business interactions and multiple ways to monetize for artists, advertisers, businesses and fans alike for IOS and Android as for the Web.

The biggest benefit of Oshinstar is that no special skills or knowledge are required to use the platform as it offers a friendly environment with multiple features, allowing you to create a detailed portfolio offering a new way to engage performance, culture, content and talent via Internet.

A platform designed to act as a bridge between the real world, the digital world and the world of cryptocurrencies.

Oshinstar will enable the entire ecosystem of artists and professionals to provide accurate and timely information about their skills, abilities, and other professional or business characteristics that are critical to fans and other users interested in all of their information.

Tool design

Our set of tools are designed so that any user can find what they need and can develop any activity or organize events, castings, auditions and much more in a matter of minutes. Allowing to do business with anyone anywhere in the world.

Additionally users will be able to advertise and promote their products or services in order to bring product awareness to others.

With our platform, the cost and time in searching for connections and quality content is drastically reduced, giving users the freedom to distribute and monetize their products and services without the need for expensive intermediation fees.

However, our target audience is not limited to enthusiasts from the world of entertainment. It also includes:

The ability to create, find, share and monetize content attracts more and more users, thus initiating an exponential growth in the visibility of artists.

With quality content and a huge community of creators, artists, entertainment enthusiasts, fans will start to join the platform.

This also facilitate to make connections and the search for artists and companies at a local and global level, which translates into job opportunities in the real world.

This assumption is based on the way trends spread, and we believe that after a certain threshold of users, the adoption of Oshinstar will snowball unstoppably.

The strength of this type of system is the symbiotic relationship between artists and the platform: as one grows, the other grows and vice versa.

The interest of artists, companies and content creators, therefore, also becomes to promote the platform to increase their business, guaranteeing a bidirectional vision of interests.

Main functionalities of Oshinstar

Oshinstar is positioned as a unique platform where users can create their own portfolio and describe in detail their skills in the area in which they work.

They can receive proposals to participate in projects and jobs related to their career, earn rewards, sell exclusive content, create memberships, accept donations, publish and participate in exclusive events, and experience many other opportunities.

Each user will have the ability to independently manage the visibility and privacy of each personal or media information they decide to publish.

The personal information managed by the system will only be:

  • First and Last Name (or Display Name)

  • Gender

  • Account creation date

  • City of residence

Find out below what you can experience by participating in the Oshinstar universe.

Users can upload the product they have created using third party applications and integrate them into Oshinstar in accordance with our compatibility requirements in terms of file extensions and Privacy Policy.

Via their products/assets, users will be able to attract the attention of companies, professionals, talents, artists from different sectors and fans from all over the world, as it allows you to make your identity and business values ​​known.

All authorized users will also be able to sell and trade original content or copyrighted content on Oshinstar through a combination of sales and marketing channels.

Oshinstar comprises the following main sales channels:

  • Exclusive content.

  • Memberships.

  • NFTs (Non-fungible tokens).

  • Donations.

  • Ability to create paid private collections and unlock exclusive content only when certain goals are achieved.

Oshinstar users will be able to add and update their Professional Resume like never seen before.

Different sections will be available in your Profile, such as:

  • Presentation

  • Profile picture and video

  • Cover photo

  • Education

  • Work experience

  • Certifications and

  • much more

But what defines the 'CORE' and makes Oshinstar unique is the combination of:

  • Categories, Skills and Details, where each of these elements depend on the others and work in harmony with each other, with the aim of describing the characteristics of the users, providing others with the information they need. It also helps Oshinstar match you with relevant users and projects, feeding Discover's advanced filtering, helping to show accurate results.

  • A winning profile is the first step to becoming a star inside and outside of Oshinstar. A complete and robust Summary increases profile views, increasing trust in the community and generating higher quality invites.

In order to get approved at the PRO level within Oshinstar it is necessary to have a 100% complete profile.

Oshinstar's platform provides not only advanced features for an effective search for artists, talents, and professionals using advanced filters, but also provides the ability to search for the best projects, services, and events of interest in a specific location.

Therefore, actors who have defined clear search criteria will be provided with the information (ie artists, professionals, companies, projects of interest) necessary to fulfill their requests.

Example, in the case of a search of a model, this could be her skills (fitness model, fashion model, commercial model etc.) and other relevant info such as:

  • Sizes

  • Physical build

  • Height

  • Weight

  • Location

  • Past experience

And many more details related to talent.

Through our filter trained to provide accurate and effective search results, users will be able to easily and quickly find what they want anywhere in the world.

Artists will have, among other tools, the possibility of monetizing their work through a Marketplace powered by the native token of the OshinCoin platform ($OSH).

The Oshinstar Marketplace was developed within the Solana blockchain.

This blockchain allows a direct connection between the buyer and the seller, which reduces fees and increases the speed of transactions.

In the Oshinstar Marketplace, users will be able to interact safely, selling and exchanging quality content, as well as NFTs.

Another unique feature is that users can communicate in real time from their computers, tablets, phones, or any smart device through StarChat.

This allows users to exchange ideas, get information in real time, share private content (text, images, video, hints and much more) while enjoying everything the platform has to offer.

Connecting with artists, talents and organizations in a professional way is essential, which is why Oshinstar has developed the possibility of creating and publishing Castings, Auditions or new Projects in a detailed, defined and organized way both offline and online.

An ideal platform for those who need qualified personnel for their projects.

Create a Castings, Auditions or Projects!

A good starting point to meet the best talents in the market and who you can reach. Oshinstar will have a section where you can create job ads to promote the vacancies you need in your project or business.

The platform will evaluate the quality and professionalism of each project created. Once the project has been approved, it can be highlighted on the profile and in Discover.

Many of its features are focused on the workplace, so Oshinstar has also implemented the possibility of inviting specific users using audiences created through powerful advanced filters.

The recipient of the request may accept or reject the request. In this way, Oshinstar offers wide visibility so that all artists and professionals can participate in the projects and events that best suit them with the best offer received.

Users who have an active Pro Account are enabled to receive direct requests through their profile with proposals to participate in castings, auditions or projects.

Oshinstar aims to become the long-awaited platform for organizing all kinds of online and offline events, with OSH$, the platform's native token used for all its transactions.

The key idea is to allow all participants in the ecosystem to connect and interact efficiently, drastically reducing the time and costs required for the organization and advertising of events.

In this way Oshinstar will boost the value of the entire community by creating greater business opportunities for existing or emerging artists or professionals both locally and globally.

Oshinstar will review all events for quality, professionalism, and safety. Once the event has been approved, you can highlight it on your Profile and in Discover, and if you wish, you can share it massively using the platform's own announcement system.

The creation and publication of the events will be free, which means that the platform covers all kinds of events, such as:

  • Concerts

  • Festivals

  • Exclusive private parties

  • Fashion shows

  • and much more.

Participation in some private parties or exclusive events is limited to users who have staked a certain amount of the $OSH token.

One of the most surprising advantages is that fans will be able to buy tickets directly from the event organizers or the artist, this prevents fraud, counterfeiting and resale of tickets. Taking advantage of any discount, preventing ticket fraud and scalping.

This way users will be able to complete business transactions from start to finish through the platform.

Oshinstar brings together all the players in the industry, from music to film to fashion, in an encouraged and aligned way, giving unique visibility to projects and events that allow them to participate in the best offer and when it works best for them.

Oshinstar will guarantee a refund in case the event does not take place. As the platform expands, the barriers to entry for all parties will be significantly lowered. And finally, $OSH as the official token will capture a good part of this new value.

To maintain high standards and avoid any risks associated with posting fraudulent events, Oshinstar provides an infrastructure integrated with the platform that features a reputation scoring system.

This is made up of comments from business transactions that occur within the Oshinstar economy. Users (including fans) will submit feedback on their trading experiences with others through a publicly available peer-to-peer rating and feedback system.

Oshinstar allows to record and edit short videos to show the entire ecosystem the skills and in general products & assets available.

Users can showcase their talents to known people in the world of entertainment, but most importantly they are unfiltered, original video without any manipulation, allowing them to express their true talent.

Why is this section important?

The audition is important because it gives the director and the casting team the information they need to place the actors, singers, musicians, dancers in the best role to create the production the way they envision it.


You all have them, Oshinstar will also provide this functionality, but it will be used to share: Castings, Auditions, Projects, Quick Events that do not need much description and that will be shown only to followers and will last 24 hours.

Oshinstar has a system of notifications, suggestions and highlights.

Notifications are updates about different Oshinstar activities. The types of notifications that are sent can be activated or deactivated by users. Although it is not possible to disable all notifications.

The suggested content to be provided on the platform will be based on the user's profile.

Once a user creates a profile, Oshinstar verifies their identity and assigns them a Popularity score.

This Popularity score increases or decreases according to a sophisticated algorithm that takes into account different factors such as interactions with other users, positive or negative comments, like/dislike, share, etc.

This algorithm also includes profile completion which not only provides verification of identity in the account, but is also taken as a reinforcement of truthfulness and reliability for the community.

The higher your popularity score, the better you rank on Oshinstar Discover, attracting more profile views, interactions, requests, and overall reach.

Users also have a detailed statistics system to be aware of all the important data related to their account. They can also choose with whom and when to share their metrics.

All the data that makes up the statistics is sent to the blockchain so it cannot be manipulated or falsified.

This is very important for both parties because whoever receives the metrics can also rest assured that the shared data is true and accurate.

Oshinstar also has a Referral System that validates a user's work, skills or performance.

Stars may ask for a recommendation, which should be someone with whom you have had a positive working relationship who can carefully discuss your skills and abilities.

The purpose of the Oshinstar Referral System is to corroborate what you have learned about the applicant and provide additional positive details about their performance, skills and abilities.

Normally who accepts the sending of a recommendation:

  • You have worked with or directly observed the applicant.

  • Learn about relevant strengths and skills that you can personally develop.

  • It has specific examples of the person's work.

Reputation Score

Once a user creates an account they will be assigned a reputation score.

This reputation score will go up or down based on feedback from the people you do business with.

Users who faithfully and consistently adhere to the terms of their business agreements with other users and with Oshinstar will accumulate a positive reputation over time, increasing their score.

To ensure that people cannot create a new profile if the account is compromised due to receiving negative comments, knocks or reprimands from Oshinstar, all profiles with a Pro account will require digital identity verification on the platform.

This allows other users to clearly assess the trustworthiness and integrity of your potential business contacts.

On the contrary, if a user constantly violates the terms of their agreements and frequently gets involved in contractual disputes, their digital reputation score would decrease accordingly.

This behavior will be visible to the rest of the community, allowing users to assess the reliability of potential business contacts, reducing their risk.

Decentralized Finance and Wallet

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is an open and global financial system. An alternative to a system that is opaque, tightly controlled, and held together by decades-old infrastructure and processes.

It gives money control and visibility, providing exposure to global markets and alternatives to local currency or banking options.

DeFi products open up financial services to anyone with an internet connection and are largely owned and maintained by their users.

So far, tens of billions of dollars worth of crypto has flowed through DeFi applications and is growing every day.

Oshinstar relies on DeFi, allowing you to own and control the value of OshinCoin tokens ($OSH) and send it anywhere in the world. It does this by providing a way for large numbers of people, who do not trust each other, to agree on a ledger of accounts without the need for a trusted intermediary.

$OSH is open to anyone and no one has the authority to change its rules.

The $OSH rules, like its scarcity and its openness, are written in technology. It's not like traditional finance where governments can print money, which devalues ​​your savings, and companies can shut down markets.

Oshinstar's 'wallet' (cryptocurrency wallet) plays an important role in the platform.

We cannot forget that $OSH works completely decentralized. And that is where the importance of the wallet lies, since it allows the user absolute control.

The profile of each verified user (KYC) has a Wallet available where all the rewards generated will be deposited, being able to withdraw and/or exchange for other cryptocurrencies or simply spend or invest them within the platform, since the OshinCoin token is the engine that allows a beneficial data exchange for both parties, with several use cases.

The 'wallets' allow the user to make a balance inquiry, operate with cryptocurrencies or view the executed operations.

The security of the wallets, unlike banks, allow the user to sign transactions with full control of their private keys.

Although they are compared to common wallets, their difference lies in their storage, since, instead of containing money, they store keys.

For this reason, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, choosing how to store them is crucial. Hence, the effort invested by Oshinstar to create a secure and reliable wallet.

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