OshinCoin in Staking

OshinCoin can be staked to access certain benefits or tools within the platform.

The more tokens are in staking, the greater the benefits will be.

For example:

  • Reduced fees: By stacking you can reduce the fees on each transaction.

  • Run Surveys: Greatly reduced costs of running surveys and advertising.

  • Unlimited and exclusive access: The user has unlimited and exclusive access to various tools.

  • Generate Surveys: Business or data collectors can generate surveys. Companies and / or artists can conduct surveys to meet their potential fans and at the same time reward all users who complete them.

  • Earnings: As holders you will also be able to staking to generate an annual return.

  • Referral Bonus: Refer friends to help our network grow and increase your cryptocurrency portfolio by receiving a higher reward as the number of tokens in staking is higher.

  • Sell ​​data sets: Sell advanced data sets to increase your profits.

  • Jump The Queue: Have precedence over others in certain activities that are highly demanded by the community and in which it is necessary to wait for the turn to complete it.

  • Attend exclusive events: As holders you will be able to receive invitations to participate in exclusive parties and events.

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