Why OshinStar choised to be a BlockChain

In 1997 the internet had 150 million users and recorded 63% annual growth from 1990 to 2000, this is the fastest growth of any technology that the world has created. Nowadays, all of us use internet directly or indirectly.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology have been around since 2008 and there are currently 150 million users. This business has recorded an annual growth of 113%, it is approximately twice the growth recorded by internet.

We had never seen anything like this, and what is this? it's basically the money web and it's exploding in size. This is bigger than internet, bigger than iron age, the renaissance, the industrial revolution this will affect the whole world and we strongly believe that all of us will use blockchain and crypto in the short term.

Crypto and blockchain is an asset class that currently equates to 2 trillion dollars in market capitalization, if we look at the other major asset classes around the world like equity bonds and real estate they are in a range of between 150 and 350 trillion dollars.

So these digital assets if we follow the adoption curve that we're seeing will hit 200 trillion dollars asset class by 2030.

But what fascinated us the most about this technology is that we can tokenize practically everything, and specifically conceptually NFTs are a great advance to attach intellectual property, physical assets and digital assets to a blockchain in a method that is instantly transferable to any person and storable in a very inexpensive and easy way.

The multiple uses of this technology are almost unlimited, it will change everything from the world of art, the world of music, cinema to how companies are built since tokens will be used to be part of the company’s life.

OshinStar Addressable Market and Competitors Overview

Total addressable market for OshinStar reached 4.2 billion in 2021. 2021 saw an increase in active social media users of more than c13% year on year.

With its platform features and business model OshinStar has a strong competitive advantage compared to traditional and blockchain social media networks.

A refined, accurate and precise search engine allows Oshinstar to be the leader in the marketplace guaranteeing the right match between demand and offer.

Being a blockchain social media platform Oshinstar provides a decentralised protocol enhancing privacy, protecting and use of personal data performed only by users.

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